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Speaking of which, a new WIP. Progress is being made.

. Tonight’s progress. Still in idea phase…

Friends don’t let friends draw a single picture with 5 sheets of 11x14 bristol. I need to learn page placement/scale...

The sketch for 's con badge for EverfreeNW.

This may be relevant to 's interests.

. The work in progress from tonight's livestream.

Because I enjoy doing this sort of thing…

Big MaCaligula for

Because he's been so ill recently, and has us all (the important people) very worried, I drew Nurse Rarity. Feel better!

I actually have a sketch I can post.

Here are the sketches I made for the wallpaper.

Hay, How's this?

Equestria's classiest terrifying clown guitar.

Aaaaaaaand, a classier version of

Bwahaha.. It should be the other way around. You're Hooves, and I'm Derpy. Hense, this…

Vacuum tubes!

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