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I like my artsy with a little bit of fartsy.

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Spent 7 hrs straight w/o taking a break on this 500 piece puzzle. What we learned from this: we are NOT quitters. #5am

I give it 10 more years until "dog car seats" will be required. 'Til then it's a free country baby... #roadtrip

Glad my bro & I are both bah-humbugs & don't feel like listening to xmas music on our roadtrip...

Finished this book in 14 hours.. it was deliriously funny (& not bc I finished it at the delirious hr of 4am)... #Tfey

Fiery dancer will have to wait, it's bed time for me! Driving to tejas in 3 hrs. #xmasbreak

Painting as of 5am and letting myself get lost in my love for art... #tinydancer

Sketch of painting that began at 3am... #tinydancer

Not only was tonight's sermon great, but the preacher quoted "ain't nobody got time for dat" AND we got a free book...

So joyful to be doing ballet again. An experience of total surrender as my soul expresses itself freely. #tinydancer

I guess this confirms I'm a woman? You know, 5 diff emotions at once...

I feel really indifferent about snapchat. I'm already weird & I feel like this just enhances it.Oh well, here it goes..

My step-child loves to sneak on my bed & snuggle. He knows the way to my heart. #teacupyorkie

My step-child loves to sneak in my bed & snuggle. He knows they way to my heart. #teacupyorkie

Who needs a groundhog when you can use these animals! Adding this to my "to-learn" list. I WILL memorize these! #skillz

Reuniting w/ this girl 2nite.Be still my heart (well not literally bc she's a Med student & would probz resuscitate me)

Suitcase all packed. Happy mirror girl pic. Ready for Thanksgiving break already. #4moredays #homesick

I blame being a night owl on books. #almostdonewithboth

's new tattoo that I'm obsessed with. My theme verse for life.

The only problem I have w/ candles is that every time I smell them, I just want to eat them. #yankeecandleprobz

I want to marry a greeting card writer. They just "get" me. (As I'm doing math hw...)

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