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Since he NEVER went in the nice ancient vase he had, I got this booty cave in which to hoard jewels.

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Used to be so amped when he showed up. I may now know where my fascination with bizarre mythical creatures began.

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You guys ready to see me from almost 7 years ago? Three things: #TimeFlies #theComboverLives #poppunknostalgia

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FanExpo was wicked today! Big ups to the girl who cosplayed me in the Drive My Soul video!

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Just another angle for you to take in his dimensions. #stanley #log

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These just pwned my breath. I regret nothing.

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Received a Juno today for the Canadian collab track 'Wavin' Flag' which went on to raise $2 million for Haiti! <3

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Countless hours of improper gaming and computer use = Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Don't learn the hard way :(

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When I'm not on tour, my life revolves around computers. My eyes will likely melt out by age 30.

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So what you're saying is, if I wanna be a yoshi-ninjaturtle-spiderman I just go across the street...

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Record's done, but I'm right back in here. As long as it's flowing, don't stop showing! I just made that up.

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Never mind why I was looking that up, how is this the most popular result??

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Contents of my bag did not yield USB stick I was looking for. Redeemed by finding other various items.

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Just found out how to download new fonts. This changes the game. I will now be writing all documents in Halo font.

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It's taken me nearly two years to get this mount. What a long, strange trip it's been! REJOICE!

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Vance is more deflated than my heart when I found out Vance was deflated.

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Amping iPad for use on record: Check. #bucketlist

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My cleverly disguised copy of the full new album. Now that you've seen it I must destroy it!

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