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Currently drinking a cocktail at a space party under the wing of the Shuttle Endeavor. Suck it Trebek!

oddly enough- I think I combined 2 of your favorite things tonight in Reseda: & BBQ

And for SciFiFriday- I made BBQ brisket for my geeks. They this amazeballs meat:

Yes- this is the front of my house for #SciFiFriday I call it the "Nerd Signal"

NO MORE POOP! Oh, Downtown Los Angeles- you have such a special charm. But not, apparently, enough bathrooms...

My bi-weekly nerdy cocktail party is in for a Treat: #SciFiFriday OMFGBBQ Edition: Smoked Brisket!

Do it to watch "axplain" Kwanzaa to HeroLad. (This is my Fav set pic ever!)

Best Christmas Eve: 1 small tree. 25 friends. Stack of Papercraft templates. Result? Geeksplosion!

Rocky *MUST* be exhausted. I shouted "Squirrel!" Three separate time during our walk and he missed TWO of them.

Happy Thanksfriday everyone! Who else is enjoying the traditional #Thanksfriday breakfast?

Dr Horrible cheat sheet- may look familiar ;)

Hey , it's a Joss Whedon Sci Fri Friday with Cabin in the Woods and The Avengers in the Dr. Horrible house!

Say what you will about Los Angeles hippies, they know how to throw a party:

Healthy commuter breakfast FTW! What? Raw Spinach? What the hell did I do with 2010's me and where's MY BACON?! #4HB

Hey look, it's cooled off a bit in Reseda

Educational street graffiti at the Wisconsin state capital

When they make a live action #VentureBrothers, Otto is the perfect screen double for Rusty Venture, eh ?

That email bounced, brotherman.

We were somewhere around the Vanilla Fortress, on the edge of the Donut Plains, when the Mushrooms began to take hold.

OH: "Wow- he really does NOT like the oven..."