I'm not an asshole, I just play one on my blog. I'm full of snark & a whole lot of awesome. I ♥ Tuesday (and @hlivkopj). Roller derby is my homeboy. sMEL U L8R.

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Weird red & blue light testing on the Gulf Building downtown.

Yea, Pittsburgh! #pcpgh6

Thanks for letting me borrow the iPad for #PCPGH6

Session led by social media superheroes, including #pcpgh6

I'm in a Bizarro World.

at the Pittsburgh Irish Festival. Awesome.

an all-clean, up-the-nose shot for ya!

God dammit, this cat is creepy. Sitting behind us... and waiting. Waiting.

Yeah, this happened. Bourbon County vertical tasting 2006-2009. We're celebrating :) cc

Ahhhhhhhhh! Christmas trees!!!!!! Get me outta here!

Oh holy hell -- Christmas stuff!

This patio is the cutest!

starting the head-bob. #wine

Indian sweets (boyfriend brought home from coworker)! Yum! Ladoo & Kaju Barfi... I have no clue what the layered one is?

Holy creepy storm cloud over downtown Pittsburgh, Batman!

My nametag at Melt. Hilarious.

yes! See: (just took on Liberty & Smithfield - and saw a pretty sweet action sequence)

Yeah... this just happened at 10:30 on a Saturday night.

Opened up a bandage and found this. Is it like the golden ticket to Band-aid warehouse?

I heart the so hard. And Spiderman.