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F1 fan, R6 owner, if it's got one letter and one number I'm all over it! Don't care if the glass is half-full or half empty, as long as I drank the first half.

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Post workout feed: Steak, eggs and leaves. And can I get a hallelujah for the star of the show, Balsamic Vinegar


This makes me sad… #ThingsOlderThanVerstappen

Perfect post workout. PB, high protein & healthy fats. Bagel, slow release carbs. Banana, electrolytes.

Right then, let’s see if this KT tape can help cure the old Plantar fasciitis (joggers heel)

Naughty little breakfast this morning at Chester Market. I earned it by riding there right?

Just checked the scores from the Premier League today…

If in doubt…

So happy that SwiftKey is finally here. Happy days :)

This guy just casually trying to boost follower numbers while shopping in Morrisons

Here’s the one I got from Hatbox on 6th St

Irony klaxon

Well that’s iOS 8 installed then…

Oooooo, over 50%

On it! ;)

Nothing like an automated reply system to fail to understand sarcasm hey ;)


Oh look who’s mentioned in this month…

about this much

The battery charge status turns red when it goes below 10%, wonder if they get a warning on the dash