I'm Lexie a 3 year old Pomeranian. I love to run & play & tweet with my mommy. I'm engaged to @Mackadootoo

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M&D were out tonight, so I got a big chewy treat when they got home. #TwitPict

don't think I ever want to wear one of these. my tail would get cold. #TwitPict

The pretty Cardinals that come visit us everyday. #TwitPict

Mommy took me to Rita's for free water ice for the 1st day of Spring. nom nom #TwitPict

Spring ahead it's now 3am!!! #daylightsavingstime #TwitPict

Don't forget to set your clocks ahead before you go to bed. Spring ahead!! #TwitPict

Dude!!! That's a big puppy, his head is bigger than my whole body. Bol! #TwitPict

Come on Mommy we're tired & want to go upstairs to bed. #TwitPict

I'm all snuggled up in my blankie, ready for bed. Night night sweet furiends. #TwitPict

The Oscars are putting me to sleep
& Oreo keeps jumping on me to wake up cause Clooney & Pitt are on. #TwitPict

It's a cold night, so I'm snuggling with my sisfur Oreo. #TwitPict

I got to play on the beach today. #TwitPict

I went to the groomers today & got a new dress for being a good girl. #TwitPict

Someone's taking picture of me while I'm trying to sleep. she is so lucky I can't use a camera. #TwitPict

she is only 14 weeks old, she stole my blankie & my toy. #TwitPict

I saw this picture of a hedgehog & thought of you, he is so cute. #TwitPict

Our houseguest is making herself at home with my blankie & toy. #TwitPict

Two tired Poms cuddled up on a cold winters night.

she likes my toys. #TwitPict

she is just a puppy. I'm being a good girl & sharing the toy u bought me. ;) #TwitPict