lewis watson


19, singer/songwriter :-) get my EP 'it's got four sad songs on it btw' here: bit.ly/IG4SSOiBTW MGMT: matt@mdmmusic.co.uk

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and holy crud 24k followers, thank you so much


i think this is the ladies toilet but i really needed a wee :-(

thank you so much newmarket. me love ya x

hold on to your knickers, girls


love this pub

but this came on after so my shame was quickly replaced with euphoria :-)

the watson production line, packing at the back, sorting at the front and signing on the left

shhh, she's sleeping

can't sleep so i did this

my EP cover is in music week, wow i read this at college and i'm in there haha woah

today has been so long and we are on our way home

playing darts in this meeting haha, huge room man :-)

easter, ilu x

think again

you wanna go?

haha, karate!!!!

got some merch buyers :----) and his 'gally'

and i'm watching my rasclart father play dominoes..