Writing about music. Writing about writing about music. Bics over quills. PCs over Macs. Function over form. Shoegaze over everything.

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"Finally understand"? This is Gandhi level comprehension

  • 929 days ago via Plume
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Broken, like my soul

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Exhilaration on finding perfect pair of shoes > exhilaration on finding soulmate

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Boom. Best in Alternative & Indie in India on #QuizUp!

  • 999 days ago via Plume
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I just won 10 consecutive matches in #QuizUp! Ten-Tacular! https://www.quizup.com?source=share

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  world traveler ho tum

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well he has a striking likeness to...

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My feet are famous!

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Annual monsoon photo

I got asked how I choose the colours.truth is I just pick whatever's closest #nails

bookshopping by lamplight

Spider hands! Spider hands! #myfirstmani

German Shepherd brooding in the rain #GK

Gruff shopkeepers turn into gurgling teddy bears with one of these around

earrings from Gaya - Buddhism to the maxxxx

A boat on a train

Ittar hunting in Lucknow. They replicated my jannat-ul-firdos with only a sniff.

V pleased with my new work friends

The most brazen spam I have ever received