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The only reason to be in Cementerio de la Recoleta during a zombie apocalypse is the possibility it's already happened there.

Floralis Generica: not as easy to shoot yourself in as the Bean, but probably not impossible.

It was a much busier day, so the photographer guys with their umbrellas were doing booming business.

Also, from yesterday, one more trek out to the Devil's Throat at Iguazu Falls. So stunning!

Explored San Telmo a bit this afternoon! Found a painted map at the end, but suspect the museum of cinema is a lie.

Rather blown out, but, rainbow! #iguazu

The configuration of mist is changing all the time. #iguazu

The raptors (coaties) are cute but dangerous, roaming in packs & stealing sandwiches right off the table. #iguazu

Please do not feed the velociraptors. #iguazu

This is not us, but we did go all the way out, which was such a rush! In-falls pics from later!

We spent the whole day out at Iguazu Falls today. Truly awesome!

...and Jesus rises every hour. We went twice. #argentina #jesusthemepark

...people looking to have a good time... #argentina #jesusthemepark

...soldiers standing around... #argentina #jesusthemepark

I'm sure our experience here was exactly like being in Jerusalem:

#seattle kids, you need to check out Mad Homes. So cool!

Obviously the bedroom wall of a mature adult.

Taken on my way to the bus Monday in Vancouver.

Part of my favorite piece at the sculpture park:

Found while cleaning, me at 22 months. #socute #whathappened