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#siff2013 fave The Punk Singer opens at the Film Center December 6th! I will remind you lots!

Pore lost doge.

In the real world, the closest thing I have to a tarot deck is this necklace with art by

In case you thought I was kidding about the Incredible Growing Watermarks:

Queued up for Key of Life, my first film of #SIFF2013!

Not sure what is creepier about this Working Girl DVD menu: the giant people or the giant doves.

This kids book will have been in the collection 40 years come November.

#SIFF2013 festival guides & programmer picks acquired! We're definitely #SIFFCurious!

Now I'm going to spend a few hours working from "home". Thanks, !

I picked up some amazing original movie art at tonight!

. peers wistfully into my office with our new family center mascot.

Of course the hail storm arrives just in time for my walk home.

. Logjammin' at #smashputt!

Gone golfing. #smashputt

Tonight's project!

Someone sent me an egg. In the mail. Another win for USPS!

First day of spring in Seattle comes with a traditional daffodil from the Market & a chance of snow.

So glad I fixed the printer so we could have 40+ pages of this.

Daleks love froyo. Apparently.

I did spend some time at Grocery Outlet wondering if a 49¢ box of Thor valentines was worth it for this. #idowhatiwant