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USC Ph.D. student & expatriate New Yorker. I do science, social justice, & jokes generally reserved for 13 year-old boys. Hair flips & ground smiles by request.

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A very important picture of a baby corgi dressed as Obi-Wan Kenobi. Because Friday. h/t

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Despite all his rage...

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I only find this Evolution of an Evolutionary Psychologist cartoon funny because I use humor as a mating strategy.

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The very first slide for the very first day of my high school summer class. It's unbelievable how not-sorry I am.

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This picture > Sunday night angst

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It's so hard to decide what the best part of this picture is.

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But seriously. I took my "protecting minors" online course for my summer class today and saw this. SOMEBODY HALP.

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Girl toy or boy toy? Your handy guide. h/t

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In two days, I will be the proud (DEBATABLE) owner of my very own ostrich pillow. Because graduate school.

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Stop what you are doing and look at this immaculately titled journal article. Seriously. Look. h/t

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Four hours after "sitting down to work," I finally manage to open my stats software. I CAN HAZ TEH PHD ALREADY?!?

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Happily ever after, indeed.

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. sold out every major city in seconds. Now there are hundreds on . They originally cost $35.

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Went to Target in search of a Thighmaster and hand weights. Came back with these instead. I regret nothing.

Tied with Darth Vader and "The Dark Side of Mentalizing" for best opening slide of the weekend. #SANS2013

Diversity: Early. Often. Always. Your brain will thank you. #tmyk #SANS2013

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Lindsay before her days on #TheBachelor... Must see pic!!!

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Sans the extra hour, there is no Leslie. Only Zuul.

Happy International Women's Day. Speak out, stay strong, and rock on, ladies. Today and every day.

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Every time Lindsey or AshLee opens her mouth, this is all I can picture... #TheBachelor #TeamCatherine

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