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@twitter @safety *still* causes me to shrug Acting all TSA “Safey”, moving the rug Off comes the Lock It’s back to Mute & Block DevStuff is also at @Leo_of_Bug

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.: Mendacious NeoCon or opportunistic Warvangelical doof? You decide.

Which company could this be? (Hint: *not* Adobe, or even Microsoft or HP where I'd expect reviews like this…)

This comment at GotNews makes the most sense. If you wanna make friends…

So lazy at 6am I don't want to get up to make a rule...

Oh MAN. Forgot to turn on Connect at home. Oh wait, nevermind, I’ve got ’s Otto… *snicker*

For Liberals out there asking why "Libertarians don't come to your aid" here's why. 1 month of me tweeting about Gaza

I must be f-bombing too much on tw, autocorrect expanded dumbf***.

Sometimes ’s “one-click translation from any language” can be a curse..
(Thank you, & )

I have a ton of Otto scripts… Including these two which are glued to AS/Automator..

I really shouldn’t read NIGHTWATCH before going to bed…

WTF? It’s an Ibaraki Cult?! iOS CRASHU!!

O RadFems RAGE
As 3 Stooges’re boo’d off the stage
You got your desire
Geeks you did “fire”
OC you’ll be back, I wage

Today’s German word, found in a British 70s era novel I’m reading..

Totally stuck on ‘Gunslinger’

No… Otto Von Bismarck didn’t really say this…

I can haz moar dreck?
as if from Star Trek?
Nope I’m free
Error 503
Anyway, likely, it’s another trainwreck

Likely it’s THIS warning from the workflows website that’s freaking Apple out-um, same as App Dev website?

Lou Dobbs has some guy on whose only cred vis a vis tech is that he’s a Glasshole. I shit you not.

Yessssssssssssssssssssss cc

Best feature EVER.