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First came love, then comes marriage than comes a baby in a baby carriage
#Johanna #Ramon #Santana

So cute! My little baseball playing cousin just found out he's going to NY to tour around Yankee Stadium :)

Sorry, I just had to post a picture of my good hair day! :)

My old dance shoes for my presentation.....can you believe I still fit in my shoes from when I was 8years old!?

Wearing Michael's lucky playoff shirt since he's at work and wasn't able to go to the game

I shamelessly rock the Crocs :)
#lovethem #mycomfyshoes #Crocs

3 bikinis that have never touched the water... which willi wear? :)
#firsthotday #pageantkinis

My princess!! <3
#sleepingBeauty #Mishie

Omg!! My cousin looks soo beautiful at her baby shower!! I wish I could've made it:(

see what I'm saying? :P

I LOVE my hair.... it does whatever I want it to do.
Today I woke up with curly hair :)

I'm missing the show with Professor Finklestein to do this.......#justchillen #professorsoffice #foodwatchduty :/

HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY to my Bestie Bee !! Have fun today! Love youu!<3
(Only pic of us I could find:P)

I have to break these in for the weekend!...aren't they beautiful!? <3

We take babyshowers seriously :P

I'm no extreme couponer (been watching that show too much) but I know I got this chapstick for 99cents &its good!

My baby looks soo cute all clean:)

My one true love, hero and bestfriend since birth, my sissy Kamie! love you and happy #nationalsibblingday!! :)

Anyone a size 5 or 5 1/2 looking for a prom-like type of heel? I'm selling my John Kaynes (only worn twice)

I was kinda bummed that I got a 9 on my Russian Hist. Essay so Michael fixed it for me