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Tipsy off that Whiskey, call her Jameson Ave. Do her daily but she save me from what u couldnt have.

Jujubes AND Hickory Sticks?? Ok.

I haven't seen a lot of horror movies, but uh, this doesn't look like an elevator I wanna go into.

We only chase dreams around here. #thelostboys #nbs #bhbg #LLseason

Broad daylight in St. James Park. Fuck the news for acting like #occupytoronto fucked that place up.

Halfway crookin. Smh

Plastic 100s

REALLLLLLLLYYYYYYY?!!!??? - SOMEone PLLLEaaaassseEE kill me!

Grey Red Wings c/o

I have no clue what's in these boxes. Any guesses?

I've been up 30+ hours and now I'm at some weird loading dock. Tonights dreams are gonna be crazy.

First person 1 ever smoked hash with. #1993

This fucking made my day..

Layering Season

From ideas in your mind to samples in your hand. I love this shit.

That moment when you realize you can't work in a shit storm...

All Black Jordan Week Continues.. Today: #AJ8 #Aqua

Crew Love. #LLseason

All Black Jordan Week continues. Today: #DMP #AJ6

Weird shit that happens on twitter featuring and