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This motherfucker shows up with the Concords on.

Jameson x Ms. Vickies x Tims.

I'm sorry, maybe you didn't hear me. I asked for EXTRA butter. #vomit

Yorkville has anorexic pylons.

Old neighborhood payphone looks deserted.

At this party and someone got that TG shit on. #LLostBoys

Lmmmmmfffaaaaooooo. Drunken Monkz "Double Slap Salute" ring!!

Uhhh. And then this happened. Lmmfao.

I'm gonna start posting pics of my food... AFTER I've already eaten it. Lol

Sick! Me and got "W Nostow" glasses!

Broken Heart Bastard Gang. Melton Wool.. #LLseason

Me time, bro.

The homey SKAM painting a new sign on Spadina wearing that OG LL beanie.

Kaplansky's FTW

Lollipop + Dr. Seuss Book + Grinch DVD??? Wtf... She Wins.

Ah shit. You know what mu'fuckin time is it. You knowwww what time is it!

Cones & Bones

Does this hat make me look weird?

Straight from Schwartz's. Montreal waddup?

Jimi: Arrested in my city on my birthday in 69.