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It just feels wrong to be at a concert and see people's hands in the air, without fists raised. #wiunion

Who are The Suburbs? cc:

Hello, totally awesome seats. Well done, !

Good bye, data entry! #datadefender

Wow. Tweet and ye shall receive.

This. #wiunion

This. #wiunion

Welcome to my office, #ourhouse!

This. Was. Not. Good.

Also this:



I'd say this crowd is about 3/4 #wiunion.

Lots of cops, fences, and walls at the Tea Party rally. It's almost like they aren't welcoming everyone. #wiunion

Tea party rally. I'd say about half the signs in this area look pro-#wiunion.

Breakfast of champions:

For all of you who have asked me to come to the wall because you can't:

Because it's what #wiunion is all about.

government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth." - Lincoln

The Wall.