Vinay Gupta


Beyond good taste and evil. Global resilience guru. What do you do after it all goes wrong? And what about the poor, for whom it's never yet been right?

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Lordy, lordy...

Guerilla art on the Central Line? "Self... Other" What is it?

Inflatable bandstand, Bethnal Green. Stunning.

I'm wombling around now, getting things set up. See


Quality policing

Ahnuld is not a Nazi

G4S assclownery knows no limits

The chaps are discussing ISO Crisp Packaging Colours at 's birthday

Steady on!

Limewharf Annex interior again - large space is large

Limewharf Annex interior again - in the distance

Limewharf Annex interior again - love the pillars

The Limewharf Annex: 4500 sq ft of culture lab. This is where we do "Swarm Coops!"

Brainstorming future #BigPictureDays with (diagram!)

#givemethenumbers see

Naples dollars - as Social Enterprise Kiretsu?


Brixton Book Jam