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A beautiful image -- the space shuttle attached via its airlock to the space station. From NASA today.

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OK. What's going on in this pic?

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This is a formely Secret diagram explaining how a nuclear bomb torn out of a B-52 progressively armed itself as it plummetd towards the ground. It thought it was falling towards Moscow when in fact it was falling towards a farm field in Goldsboro, NC. Surprisingly, half of a H-bomb remains lost in that same field.From my book 15 Minutes.

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The USS New York. Fast, sleek, stealthy -- and with the resolve of millions welded into her hull.

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Bringing the flag home. That sacred collision of duty, honor and country celebrated this Memorial Day weekend.

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We've lost several nuclear bombs but none as well documented as this one, if only in a secret document. "Irretrievably lost." A 1.8 megaton a-bomb in the littoral areas around Savannah, Ga..

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No defense, just offense. A war of utmost violence and lethality, scores of cities rendered as helpless as Katrina with no one to come to their aid, survivors largely involved with burying the dead, a level of devastation for which we have no human experience, SAC pilots so traumatized by the sight of thermo-nuclear fireballs that 8% would simply bailout rather than continue, off continent fallout so intense that ships in the Med would suffer causalities, one minute you’d walking down the street the next enveloped in a fireball of unbearable heat with a glimpse no more of your impending death; one minute they’re walking with children, the next a child is trying to pass water to the corpse of her mother. Returning SAC bombers find so little left that they would land on dry lake beds, SAC itself would be so shot up, so destroyed, crashed without gas, blasted out of the air by nuke-tipped missiles that what remained of SAC would be relegated to flying cargo; a landscape of smoking radiating ruins with 30 to 80 million dead, there would be no armies, no navies, no air forces to command; there would be no invasions or occupations, it would simply be annihilation.

Or deterrence would work.

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Sorry -- I uploaded the wrong image. Here are the reviews. Thanks.

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I'm thinking that this will be the cover of a new calendar series -- or a piece of wall art. W/out the title?

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I'm amazed by the reviews. Thank you to all.

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That sacred collision of duty, honor and country.

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As a pilot I thought this was great shot. It connects astronauts to good 'ole stick-and-rudder flying.

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part 2. This is what a classified doc looks like after declassification.

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This is what a classified doc looks like after declassification. 2/2. Per Jack's request

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I saw this generally ordinary ISS shot but noticed something in it that was kinda cool. Do you see the jet?

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This is what a nuclear attack would look like -- low level, bombs retarded by complex parachutes, then flashes. B-52

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I scanned this original with the border and the caption. It takes you back. From 15 Minutes (St. Martins Press)

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from the International Space Station iss Expedition 26. This is America.

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From iss astro wheels. Cuba is in the foreground. Havana lit up. Imagine missiles here!

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