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Used to be that about right now the three broadcast television networks would sign off for the night -- but before they did, they'd play our national anthem against a clip of our flag. Question --- which did I like more, the national anthem or the blessed silence of no TV that followed? I really don't know 'cause I love 'em both. Good night Chet. Good night David.

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I have a lot of reasons to be thankful. One of 'em is that I'm from a nation of people who could drop everything they were doing to to help another nation of people. That's pretty good. This picture: Eleven days after D-Day, 1944, coming into a very appreciative French village. Thanks.

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You see a lot of pics of jets on the edge of the sound barrier but here's one clean through it --- zoom in to see the afterburner piercing the distinctive heart shape of the collapsing con ring after the shock waves snap off the control surfaces of this Jolly Roger.

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It just ain't lunch unless your hanging out the door of a Sixty with a sandwich in your hand.

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Bringing the big dog in to eat. Now this guy knows how to marshall a plane.

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We're doing more pilot interviews for a new book. If you flew on or because of 911 pls let me know. This is a photo from the weeks after. Some Eagle drivers went up to give the astronauts a small measure of added comfort.

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My guess is that this guy didn't care too much about bustin' minimums or noise abatement. I saw this while on another book and scanned it. This is air mail pilot from the 1930/1940s. My other guess is that’s an unfiltered Camel in his hand. Talk about a character…..FB Aviation Heritage Press.

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Plugging in and getting some gas. Tell me this jet doesn't turn a sunset into a thing of absolute beauty.

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Sometimes, you know, you just need to fix the jet...
Thanks to all those faceless heroes on the ramp. D

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A beautiful jet is like a beautiful woman. Once you fall in love its forever. D.

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I'm helping a friend with a book based on a journal a grandfather kept during the 1898 Klondike Gold Rush. In a word the storyline is this -- a Nebraska school teacher left his home and family and more or less walked to Alaska to find his fortune, and he failed -- but what insights this guy had. After a cold, wind-swept fortnight when things didn't go well he wrote, "The trail is a great place to demonstrate character." Isn't that the truth? It made me think about the trails of modern society -- bad traffic, balancing our checkbooks, kids screaming in the background. The trail sure is a place to demonstrate character, isn't it? It made me think, too, that I could do a lot better. Thanks. D.

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Sittin' on my jet, talking to some new friends. When did such sweet days disappear? No TSA. No security. No ramp police. Yet you know what -- we did OK back in those years, didn't we?

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The geography of human conflict as seen from space at night. The Strait of Hormuz as seen at night from the space station is a beautiful lesson in the geography of conflict. How much we learn by simply tracing the fingers of human populations as seen superimposed over the geography of Earth. From Lights of Mankind: Earth at Night From Space/ Credit: NASA-Don Pettit. Enjoy.

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I just saw the movie Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and thought I’d share something related to the movie. In 1994 I flew to Berlin to meet Karla. I stayed in the State Department compound that night and the next day the former mayor of East Berlin drove me deep into what used to be East Germany . This is a picture of me and Karla – Markus Wolf, the spy with no face. We’re walking back to an old Stasi safe house near Prenden, where we talked for two days. Karla is actually very tall – I’m 6’1”, so you be the judge --not short as depicted in the movie. He was brimming with information and nothing was off limits. The only time I got a one word answer was when I asked him if he knew who killed JFK. He simply said, ”No.” Markus was an incredible experience. The movies is terrific, a thinking movie, spies. If you see it, here’s Karla, the former head of East Germany’s intelligence service. Thanks.

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Imagining what Earth must look like from orbit leaves me almost breathless. And I had that feeling after looking through the amazing images in “Lights of Mankind: The Earth at Night as Seen from Space” (Lyons Press, 282 pp., $32.50).
Written by
Kim D. Kolarik
The Courier-Journal

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Hats off to our Navy friends for this special Christmas cheer. And my own wishes to you for a Merry Christmas.

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Confirming a lost nuclear bomb. And in such dry language.

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My favorite book.

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reading a formerly classified document is an event filled with of awe. From my book 15 Minutes.

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