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": K RT : If that 'rule' of yours doesn't apply to him,I can never take you s

": Igbo men sha...*whew*"

": Cc ": "The person below is the proud owner of a giant black dildo.... :O"""

": I want to go home."

": no, Timaya RT : 50cent ? ": Before I self destruct. :("""

": Homo tweet!! RT : And Y'all are Just too Quick to Judge the Dick,btw Its nt Hard Yet ( -̩̩

": u r always on my mind. I noe dey lie"

": Just realised I have a knack for giving people names, and it always sticks. and are

": If only gals knew the guyz they cheat with never respect them. If only."

": No, the K ": The D ?": I want......"""

": nd running Mad here..."

": You know u're in for it when, the morning after your wedding, you see your lovely wife adding salt while

": Ur getting Married,n u ve neva had sex wit any1 including ur Pregnant fiance?"

": Shud i jez be rude to her strait away?"

": Mayb I shud leave my room now"

": I like pulling my hair, mum is always complaining. :-("

Sorry this is d rit one !": Sprained ankle :("

": Sprained ankle :("

": I am gonna be in Manchester this month though,but NOT on the 14th and you'll be the 1st to know the date

": 4bottles of coke in one day. Smh for mysef"