ASH: East Alkebulan


Futurist,Chemist,NewMedia #Space #Atheist SCIENCE POPULARIZE Music Prod. Synthesized Glucagon #UoN ‏ Back up a\c @A_S_HKenya Eric Wainaina & Dan Aceda

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...Okonkwo heard the Ogene of the town-crier piercing the still night; gome, gome, gome.. #ThingsFallApart


#SONKOMeltdown what if...

": lawey Some here sayin u already hittin it."//


"Do you even science bro?" - Neil Tyson

What you're doing is quoting an old text..It's just that

Even without all those,reality is mind boggling!

.. And I do me with 13.0 Megapixel camera Optimus G. :)

its really hot &dry in here ...

#Futuristic Native
[Art by James Eugene] Cc

#Futuristic #Traditionalism
[Art by James Eugene] Cc

#Futuristic #traditionalism
[Art by James Eugene] Cc

#Futuristic African #traditionalist
[Art by James Eugene] Cc

"Afromon", by Nnanna Akwu. [IMAGE CREDIT: Fantasy, Sci-Fi & Mythologies of Alkebulan]

White Backed Vulture [Image Credit:the IAPF - International Anti Poaching Foundation -]

Africa,can we all at least agree to be brave,drop faith &RUN with secret(science) like 1st &2nd colony China?

Data is more digitized, what Heritage Is Africa going to be proud to present to the world with. There is lot!

Picture with its 1000 words..