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if nothing else, always stand for equality and human rights (and misha collins) PSA:

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Harris Teeter salutes veterans the way I'd want to be saluted: with a giant chunk of cheese.

By the way, this year's is now hanging in the bathroom.

In all his glory.

The view this morning with bonus circling helicopter.

No longer do I have to horde MREs just for the tiny Tabasco!

True fact. They even have this, the creepiest thing I never knew I needed.

Oh, thank god. Cc:

So, these exist.

With the move complete, I can finally enjoy the view.

Waiting for me in my new apartment. I hope this isn't filled with Geraldo-like disappointment.

Ginger scones at Teaism. The best.

RT : What does France's Defense and National Security Council look like? // Also looks like:

Silly women, you can't use real tools! Here, have ones with flowers on them!

America Supports You... with paper towels? I'm unsure what the USPS is suggesting I send here.

Made it to the party. And wine. It's mercifully Canadian free.

Yep. Same company has three trucks in DC now. That not even counting the other dessert trucks...

This was not what I'd hoped it was. They sold coffee there. WTF?