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#iowfest rain you say? #whatevs

Look closer...

#megabus plus nail varnish #fail

Pre gig creative times - get arty for ...full interview to follow. Watch this space.

Pre gig gig... get arty #bristol for c (watch this space for the full shebang)

#Weymouth Bank Holiday times...every Mic stand should come with a pint holder. These old boys know how to live! ;)

Car boot bargain #2 ... Fanny pack / bumbag - 50p (fao )

Car boot bargain #1 ... #whitneyhouston vinyl 50p (
Fao )

Oh Mojo. Why you littering my doormat with this shit? Ugh. Please redeem yourselves next month with The Boss. Thanks.

Found the perfect accompaniment for Unicum. This cheese. It's rank. Truly rank. And I LOVE cheese so much.

Jeez, just made me drink this Hungarian monstrosity. What a mean thing to do. Mouth transplant needed.

Asked for Black Porter. Thought I was getting a lager for some reason. Turns out it's some sort of Guinness imposter...

Spending money I totes don't got...

this duck? Spotted at the South Bank last night?

So, apparently eye make up is a delicacy in North Africa. Um?

Readin this in - my mum used to live in Hammersmith flat below them in the 70s. She was terrified. Tory.


Ever wondered how you work out whether you're eating your five a day? Fear not, the NHS is here to help... #phew

Embarked upon an argument with this old douche in the docs waiting room. He started it, he kicked me! Not cool old boy.

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