Laura Moderhock


I think that somehow, we learn who we really are and then learn to live with that decision.

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Crepe makin partayyy #nomnomnomnom

Banana butterscotch cupcake baking party with fraaannndddsss

Stay off the roads in Glenview, my doggy be drivin! #howsshegonnareachthepedals? #ohwell #illrideshotgun and #supervise!

Family game night! #bettergetdrunkforthis

Still without long will we last on a diet of mini marshmallows roasted on candles? Only time will tell...

Whoops we did that? Nawt me... #calldapopo

Jesus started a landscaping company? I knew the economy was bad but not so bad that God's son had to get a job!

The best therapy, #amiright? #summahnights . Wish you were here

's battle wound from the hike. I got a bee sting, and Rufus the doofus ran into a cactus #worsthikever

thinks she's cool fb chatting people she's sitting right next to. #gothergood #zing

Snuggle time! #fuckinadorbs