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Because the Future of Tomorrow Is the Never of Today.

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Beach after storm 2

Beach after storm 3

Beach after storm 1

Victory lap.

Life on Mars. (At center, the rover sketches the landscape.)

Fans of the people-hunting-houses-int'lly: watch out for this Budapester! I'm gonna pitch a WHOLE SHOW around him.

Crazy red sun. My Kryptonian powers are curtailed until dusk.

The merve of these awful people.

This habit'll get real interesting when we go to Old Faithful.

Brooklynites, the gelato here (Carmelo, 5th Ave) rivals that which we had nightly in Florence.

Is this a Pride Blimp? Is Grace Jones aboard? #prideblimp

How absurd today's been: needed to pee, tethered to EKG. Behind me: 273 SPECIMEN CUPS

Maximum chips. #maxfuncon

Morning on Lake Funcon (Hodgman's Buoy Inlet)

Maximum fun 1 #maxfuncon

My kid made the Eccleston & Tennant Doctors. With screwdrivers.

Brooklyn sometimes provides free musical instruments (bedbug removal is extra)

Turning from the bouncy pyramids their toil had produced, the Children of Brooklyn set forth.

Take a minute to watch airplanes.

Chapeau du Champagne.