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Damn kid stole my spot.

Campaign trail.

"Non-acid"?! Ugh, what's the POINT? Might as well drink O'Doul's! (Attn: )

No, I told you: it's 3 fingers of Gentle Touch over ice, & the rest Condor. YOU'RE making a Robert Blake.

I can't believe I drank the whole thing.

Mind meld.

What in the fuck is my wife wearing?

I have no fewer than 17 jokes, remarks, & make'm-ups about this.

Why the Barbara Bel Geddes joke earlier? B/c I was sent to fetch these for kid's lunch.

Brooklyn cloud tank 2 (unretouched)

Brooklyn cloud tank 1 (unretouched)

Fool your poultry farmer friends?! Hahah, this is unfit for you to peddle, Bill!

My pack is back together. [Rests jowls on paws; sighs contentedly]

The only thing left alive on our rooftop. I'll call him August.

Way beyond the pale. Even a cabin full of 9YOs would agree.

take it away, chum!

Summer Olympic fever in letters-to-son-at-camp-land.

DeMille-style clouds.

So much plant death. I'm a plantocidal maniac.

Don Hewett "Minute by Minute" 60 Minutes book in beach house.