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Because the Future of Tomorrow Is the Never of Today.

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Best thing BY FAR about this woods-cabin.

"The Survivors" (1983; Robin Williams, Walter Matthau; Dir. Michael Ritchie)

I will dwell here. Please forward my mail to someone who wants some mail.

A cabin in the woods.

If you are up here / but a ghost's down there / what conveyance will you use, Ghostcatchers(r)?

Valentine's Day

WHY would I think I'd know how to fix a dryer? What am I, Chewbacca?

Long-ass day.

You may be right. This was in my son's room; DO I DARE? I'm not busy enough.

Installed a stand-up writing desk in stair-landing writing nook. Used up entire writing time to do it.

I've established a writing nook at the top of the stairs to our deck. Perilous, yes, but quiet as a tomb.

Just discovered: our disgusting black cat isn't black. Note the (unretouched) d├ęcolletage. #secretginger

What're we doing here, coffeeshop?

Oh, hello.

Sure. Why not? Absolutely.

A writer writes. (The dog paw at center-bottom makes this scene.)

Must be some kind of sportsing event. Or it's Realize You Live in America Day (observed).

Brooklyn is in the future 2.

Brooklyn is in the future.

Look! in hard candy form! (Unsure what the hideous beasts in the gay rollercoaster are, tho.)