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Whatever you think about #JohnGrisham's views on child abuse, you can't accuse him of being mean when it's his round.

LIDL. You may want to increase security during the occasional special offers week.

Dear BBC News, How can you put MUFC winning a match five places below the war on ISIL & UKIP on Ceefax? #MCFC #MOTD

Dear BBC News, How can you make #MUFC winning a game of football only 5th billing on Ceefax News? Selfish gits. #motd #mcfc

. Why is your show being haunted by Michael Jackson's ghost? #saturdaykitchen

Joan Rivers #RIP

Are you allowed to marry women whose front bottom has a hint of bacon about it? #askislamicstate

Was this the disguise your mates used to get thru airport security on 9/11? #askislamicstate

#askislamicstate Is this why you make your women wear a burka?

Got to say #LFC are for a treat with this lad. #mcfc #ctid

Can any of you tell me where I can find a clip or the text of Grandad's War is Hell tirade in Russians Are Coming? Cheers. #ofah

Don't think much of your new follower Jezza.

. Exclusive. One half of pop twins #Jedward spotted relaxing on the set of Fingermouse: The Movie.

Talking of sharks, it's nice to see uk shopping chain #Tesco are being a lot more honest with what goes into their range of sharks fin soup.

How old were you in this picture Gary?

David Moyes' new youth look.

Remember this day so well, just got to Victoria Train Station with the Pink Final after my team Man City beat Charlton 5-1 to win promotion back into the original Division One, and seeing a small paragraph in the stop press section. Joy soon turned to sadness... God Bless Bradford City FC. #mcfc #bcfc

Good to see Moxey's nephew honoured in a great way.

Roll on the boo boo 14th.

City re-fucking-ject. #mcfc