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Cartoonist for Least I Could Do and Looking for Group also, you can buy prints of my art here:

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Apologies if I get this wrong. I believe you were looking for December tour images from Canucks :)

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Seriously. Why didn't I do this earlier. Muppetbusters!

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Here we go! A new limited edition cartoon print. Mousebusters! Enjoy :)

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You never forget your first. Limited to fifty copies. Signed etc.

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And now for something completely different. X-23 as she might look as a Disney princess.

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My studio is still a horrible mess, but at least there's room to set up the new beast and move stuff onto it.

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I'm inordinately pleased with this vintage subject for #OctobLar. Robot Monster!!

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I didn't want Vincent to get lonely ;) So here's Peter Lorre for #OctobLar. Hope you like.

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An #OctobLar that is doing extra duty as fan art for 's most excellent comic, Zombie Roomie :)

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If you don't know who Vincent Price is GET THE HELL OFF MY LAWN ;) #OctobLar

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Just got my new book by ! Talk about 'fully illustrated'! GORGEOUS! Go buy!

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Bronies? Here's the deal

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Another #OctobLar! Sally in the graveyard with a Skellington moon. In my shop till Nov 1!

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Catching up on #OctobLar during tonight's Ustream! Here's some more Duckulas for the collection :)

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After a week of a sick tummy & a sick computer, I'm happy to get back to #OctobLar! A trio of Duckulas! Enjoy :)

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Here's an #OctobLar I've been working on at the con. A little Puttin' on the Ritz :)

Tonight's #OctobLar! The Creature of the Black Lagoon... Sorta :)

I did both on the plane ;) Here's some werewolf love for #OctobLar :)

It's a happy little thing for #OctobLar!

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It's a happy little thing for #OctobLar!

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