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Cinematographer for this, that and the other thing (not to mention the upcoming 'Batman vs Superman')

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See pic. RT : Are you allowed to say what lenses or film stock you're using for Batman vs Superman?

. Nice. Feast your eyes on this: 'Moorish Interior' by Frederick Arthur Bridgman:

Any relation?

No, but I would take the teeny burgers outta this can and cook 'em on an itty bitty little grill for you

I am equally thrilled.

Homemade cassoulet. Bread right out of the oven. Also, handmade butter
and sorbet. Thanks !

Can you identify all three of these people?

Like '300' but less

World's first squirrel selfie

When 3 minutes is just too long to wait

Katy's gator

Katy's gator

Can't. Stop. Smiling. See this show at the Geffen if you're in L.A.!

This was at my door when I got home. Interesting. That's 20" tall by the way.

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