Mark Easterling


Totally insane kayak fisherman.If I'm not working, you can bet I'm out catching largemouth bass. Occupation: Nashville touring and session guitarist.

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Feb.bass less than 2ft.Notice dead grasses 2 the left of pic by yak.Using topwater.FYI,always wear shorts.

freezing ass in Jan.on river,but still throwing topbaits in shallows.So cold, covered n black blanket.LOL

last Jan.bass on Cumberland river.Freezing ass...c me all covered up n black blanket.Miserable but fun.sic

well its a,ugh,ugh,ok....its a leg bass.

Well, its ugh,ugh,a ugh,well,its a ! Lolz

Since dropping my $$ digital scale n the water,I have resorted to this 4$ scale that works fine+only off by 1+ oz LOL

this is the Spro 6 in.bait.Weighs 2 oz.Going to have to use a stiff rod to throw this one.Very excited.LOL

pic of the Spro topwater.This is the 4 in.shad model BBZ1.Just came yesterday.Weighs just under a ounce.

Pretty stoked bout' my new Spro topwater baits.No more messin' round,big girls I'm gonna get cha'.

Never underestimate what u can catch on a big Spook.LOL

Nobody better tell me I have enough Spooks,cuz then I'll get my other box of em' out.

Time for a fall overhaul of topwater baits,new hooks etc.River at 62degrees and its just about topbait bassin' heaven.

Time for new hooks and feathers for the big topwaters.Its been funky weather in Tn. But water temp is at 62.Time 2 rock!

Check this old dude out.A smallmouth I believe.Not worth a $100.

Dragged to a antique place in Nashville.I wanted this, but not for $400.I will catch my own.LOL

did u c this one from a few days ago?Fat girl n super clear water on a Spook that was less than 3 ft deep.

did u c this one from about 12 days ago? Fat girl in super clear water on a Spook.That water is less than 3 ft.

they just won't go away.FYI they don't dig hunting either.

Tonites crew for the show.Not one of them likes to fish....what a shame.

talk about bringing your fishing to a grinding halt! I can feel your pain.