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I sing for lamb of god. I ride a moped. I don't give a fuck. Check my blog at: www.randonesia.tumblr.com

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Sunset yesterday in RVA

Ugh! Twitter put up wrong photo- resolution also goes down here. Instagram looks way better. Got the same name there.

G'night from RVA

Fact: the giraffe has the gnarliest tongue in the animal kingdom.

Giraffes are fucking rad.

Motherfuckin' Henry.

Processed to b&w. Twitter fucks up the resolution of these pictures- looks WAAAY better before tweeting.

There's yer dawg!


Industrial pre-fab art. Manchester night creepin', RVA

Old man RVA night fishing. If you shut your fucking mouth, open your ears & LISTEN- you can learn from dudes like this.

He was a little freaked out when he first got home. Hungry too. The fucking boots kill me.

Henry's looking a lot better these days. I think he's happier- no more dreads, no more half-shaved. I love his boots!

Last night was awesome. Richmond is my home, and I love exploring it. Thanks to . Watch for the movie!

You can see you own home from an entirely different state of mind of you just change your vantage point.

Chillin' up high.

I'm seshin' here solo (so far) til 6 pm. has band prac (LAME!) If you know the spot come out & shred.

You mean THIS one?!?!? Thanks for the bracelet, by the way.

You know you want a pimp-ass Willie shirt like mine.

JESUS CHRIST, it feels good!!!!! Why doesn't everyone do this?