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Addicted to llamas, internet, @zofie, words, life, karma, good food & awesome music. Managing Partner at social media agency @talking_heads.

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Zotjes! Tijd om een platenspeler te kopen :D Thanks!

Alas... Even restarted the phone.

Alas... Even restarted the phone.

Nope. Verhuiswagen. Borden. Wagens. Slepen.

No lemon?

Living on the edge.

Hahaha Hendrik!



4 mensen in mijn tijdslijn gebruiken 20ft

Populaire , omringd door meisjes.

Zalig! Dank je ! Een lamaverleidingsspel! En Français! (Dank u ook !)

#SMF2012 is within the time limit and has given insights on the social media toolkit.

#SMF2012 brings social out in the open by using RFID-bracelets which connect to your FB.

#SMF2012 : “The future of Facebook is nothing.” Think protocol, not platform.

#SMF2012 adds yet another metric: RONI (return on non-investment). Wondering what it involves…

“As a marketer, your job sucks and your CEO does not trust you.” is giving a lap on it. #SMF2012

#SMF2012 narrating the story. Lovely, no slides, good story about the brand growing.