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Photo of the Day #102: Ceratosaurus at Ogden, Utah's Eccles Dinosaur Park

  • 1827 days ago via site
  • 76

Photo of the Day #101: Cheetah skeleton at the

  • 1828 days ago via site
  • 93

Photo of the Day #100: Fossil, lemur-like primate Smilodectes at the

  • 1829 days ago via site
  • 90

Because of moving, desk=bed on the floor. Kitties have been next to me all morning.

Photo of the Day #99: The fossil fish Eusthenopteron out for a walk on a mud bank in an outdated exhibit

  • 1831 days ago via site
  • 116

Photo of the Day #98: The "dawn horse" Eohippus in the fossil mammal hall at the

  • 1831 days ago via site
  • 188

Photo of the Day #97: Skeleton of a saiga in the osteology hall

  • 1832 days ago via site
  • 91

Photo of the Day #96: Fossil dolphin Xiphiacetus at the

  • 1833 days ago via site
  • 127

Photo of the Day #95: Allosaurus in the dinosaur hall

  • 1834 days ago via site
  • 134

  • 1835 days ago via site
  • 171

Photo of the Day #94: Plateosaurus in a #dinorama

  • 1835 days ago via site
  • 76

One more from yesterday's visit to the : Opabinia grabs a tiny Cambrian snack

  • 1836 days ago via site
  • 98

Photo of the Day #93: The early whale Dorudon at the

  • 1836 days ago via site
  • 75

If you want an autographed copy of written in stone, visit the Smithsonian natural history museum gift shop

As seen in the Smithsonian gift shop :)

Sure, if you say so Smithsonian #touchPhenacodus

. look, you are on display :)

Fennec fox says 'I can has cheezburger?'

Rabbits in the Smithsonian's osteology hall. Happy Easter

Family portrait #hominoids