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East LDN Girl on a Pashley. Blogs about Cycling & Fashion. G&T Drinker. Tea & Coffee lover. Eats a lot.

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Your Faves tab is there - should all load up when you click on it :)

This could be a good look for the twitter version.

Noooo! :( It should appear like this in your "Settings" & then you click on the instagram logo x

Should look like this :)

can confirm that btw. my simple but lovely Parker one. I don't lend it to anyone.

well spotted :) the carvela's are sandals - these are my KG Heels - never worn them though!

If you're interested, - its in pristine condition as I rarely used it. Original box and extras included.

- just saw your tweet via (who knows me in real life!) - SB-600 for sale here!

This is my most treasured knitted item from my Nan :)

yesterday eating rice & peas & stew-down meat Mum cooked up - notice the addition of Holy Fuck!


Disaster -Monkey broke! Is it possible to fix him / do you have any spare Monkeys? I'm heartbroken x :(

Go to the "Account & Settings" bit in tweetbot and you can set sounds to "notifications only"

VERY TRUE. I had a rabbit-in-headlights moment when he woke up!!!

Although pics are not in the City Cycle Style exhibition, I did a shoot with the artist for the book!

Yes fella - on the Pashley ;)

Let's take a moment to remember that Bull :)

Enjoy the joy! I'm still smiling about eating them yesterday :)