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Good morning, oppa! (ID Time > 11:30 pm & KR Time > ± 01:30 am)
Have a nice summer day, oppa!

looked so ... (?)

Can you see a piece of cake? o_O *what's it*

Since SJ has a LINE account, many ELF who began looking 4 it. Did you ever interact w ELF via LINE? :)

What's your opinion about it? ;)

Friend? Yeah!

Lovely Sooyoung <3

RT : So cute. Mm, nice pose!

Why is the film "The Lady" has not aired in Indonesia? Whereas, it is a very inspiring movie.

Are you okay? I felt there was something strange, and as ELF, I was worried about the state of your. <3

Sale lanterns "Keroro Winged"! Who're interested 2 buy, please contact us! >> << Thx! :)

Wake up, Yesung hyung! Say 'hi' to your Family, ok? ;-)

Good night! GOD bless you, all.<3

Do you want to read it? <3 YeWook

Do you want to read it?

Good night, Yesung hyung! I hope GOD is always bless u

Do you want to read it?

: Looked nice?

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