seana q.


those who know me, know me as sauce. small but mighty in every sense of the word(s). office manager/queen bee @thoughtbot. #POTENTPOSITIVITY

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walking by the Charles on the way back home. what a beautiful day. haven't done this in mad long. I love my city

chillen with at corner cafe after sucha fun photoshoot. bout to get down with a falafel!

the fall in Boston has been so good to us this year. strolling through parks of my hood after coffee with my

at bestbuy cause knew that dj hero came out. git it hw!

thus is what's going on in the "backyard" of my cafe. I love the swords

sometimes you just gotta dump out your purse and deconstruct the pile it forms on a Friday mornin

jus another reason why Im glad i decided to give more timeto myself. drawing again

yay! met me for lunch - so I treated him to since I have freebies! portagees lov burritos!

two years ago today -- 5 POINTZ long island city, queens

-- this one is for you

my + 120 minute in a super small but elegant glass. birthday beehazzzz.

the master of molten chocolate - the sultan of sugar and all things sweet, showing us how to devour dessert

his most loyal and biggest fan get the first copy. can't express how great this is. youre amazing

this is what it's like everyday at my job.

this is great news -- legalize it!

mmmm! reminising of super yummy soy cafe ole courtesy of crema cafe this afyernoon. thanks again !!!

future city dwellers, rap stars and fearless orange line riders. !!!