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*whispers* The Kree can have mustaches. Carry on. #EarthsMightiestHeroes

  • 855 days ago via site
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Promised baby cousin I'd draw a picture of her. I'm crying. She's so mad. X'D #mean #troll

  • 1006 days ago via site
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Maybe it's just me, but this is how it looks, and it's hard to tell if it's a new comment or a reply.

  • 1226 days ago via site
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Is anyone else getting weird messages in their LJ inbox?

  • 1245 days ago via site
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This is my inbox right now. I want to upload new fics to my FFN account, but I have these replies 1st... D:

  • 1450 days ago via site
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Did you see #Grimm's production logo? I think it's a gay couple. #SoCute

  • 1481 days ago via site
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I don't get it. Sometimes I go to livejournal and it's the Russian page. o.O

  • 1496 days ago via site
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I think it looks better like this, when I zoom out, but then the text is also zoomed out.

  • 1585 days ago via site
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It may just be my screen, but the body of text in comments looks to vertical, doesn't it?

  • 1585 days ago via site
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This is what the friending meme code I created will look like in the adamwinchester comments. What do you think?

  • 1588 days ago via site
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So... is gorgeous in thsi particular photoshoot. ♥__♥

  • 1603 days ago via site
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Jake Abel being ridiculous, for , who wanted to see him get carried like a princess (which is a pose he adopts a little too often, tbh).

  • 1631 days ago via site
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I love looking at my SBB outline now. I'M SO CLOSE, GUYS! ♥ #SuitsBigBang

  • 1693 days ago via site
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