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Waiting to meet up with someone at the Hachiko Statue at Shibuya Station. So cliche. :-)

These may barely fit, but I don't care! Squee!

Even found myself a hot date! ;o)

Fuji Q had great views. Mountains all around and of course THE mountain. Even the swings ride was breathtaking!

Seriously awesome roller coaster!! ええじゃないか。(Eejyanaika) seats flip back & forth as you go through loops!

Lovely ride out to Fuji Q.

I'm in my happy place!! ((o(^∇^)o)) music!

Wandering about Shibuya.

The most space yet! Hopefully less bruises. Seriously. Everyday I've wacked into a wall. Several times.

And Nikhe found a friend.

Quite a bit of One Piece figures.

And there is even a small "museum" of a few anime items.

I loved the setting of everything. (Ninja and samurai shows don't hurt either.) ;-)

Toei Uzumasa Eigamura (Kyoto Studio Park) is also a set for shows in the Edo period. Sadly no filming while there but loved the setting!

About to watch a NINJA SHOW!! \(^o^)/

Toei Kyoto Studio Park!

I mean seriously!

The palace is closed on holidays anyway, but still...

Today I wandered the grounds of the Imperial Palace...before the tropical storm. (Notice all the other locals and tourists.)

And found a coffee shop with really nice coffee.