Ghadir Gigandet


I love Allah and AhlulBayt. I fear death. Imam Ali(AS) said: Anyone who loves us AhlulBayt must be ready to face a life of austerity. La illaha illallah!

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This is what I cooked lastnight; chicken stir-fry. It turned out great (: #IloveChicken

This is what I cooked lastnight. Chicken stir-fry #ILoveChicken

I find this such a beautiful #wallpaper #subhanallah

Asalamu 3alal Hussain. #duas #Hussain

Who wants some love?! Lol #chocolatelover

Anyone whats some shushi?! (:

I just had too. Want some?! :-) #sushilover

Suuuuushiiiiiiii. Yummmm!

The beauty within you I adore. #subhanallah

Prophet Mohamad said: Hussainon mini wa ana min Hussain, ahballah man ahba Hussainah!! #AllahuAkbar

Kalimatullah. Quran kareem. #islam

Chocolate cake and icing my younger brother Ali made :-) looks good. #chocolatelove

Heres the chicken I made :-) lol it turned out great as for the rice .... um lets not show it :p #cooking

Look at the snow. Allahs creation #subhanallah

Allah, Mohamad. #itslove

Unbelievably adorable =) just look at that face.


Allah loves ...

Ya Ali. Asalamu 3alayka ya Ameer almu2mineen!

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