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This isn't quite like the ones made yesterday...#sadface

We got HOOKED UP! #$!#! I got 24 of these! I'm so happy right now. And really grateful. #weepy

Each of my E3 babies gets their own pencil case full of stuff! For yrs I've been buying all this stuff myself so this is quite a SCORE! :,)

Today after 6th period, a student came to my desk and handed me this. She drew it herself. #mystudentsareawesome

I don't think this is the sauce...#foiled (cc: )

So, Shawna and I decided to share a Big Hunk for lunch. Sharing is caring right? Thx !

Thanks to ! My new dry erase markers are so pretty! :)

Latte by aka: 2010 World Barista Champion! Mike Phillips!

My view of Mike Phillips. It's like the Barista Championship in Anaheim all over again! :)

Did not like.

Having birthday brunch with Ricky!

As the clock strikes 12...I can honestly say this was the most lovely birthday celebration ever! #weepy

Awesome. Chinatown Summer Nights.

And so it begins!

Rock Candy. SCV's new indie record shop. Really cool! I saw the record player I want for my classroom!

Who told them I was coming? AFI's concert was playing in the store! #newfavoritestoreinSCV

It's almost my birthday. So I'm shopping!

I walked outside and saw this. It made me smile.

Dear Friends, you have been foiled. Tomorrow's bday dinner is just a ploy to get you guys to help me grade. XoXo. -L

Someone hand me an egg. I want to test that theory out...#toohot #fryit