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#Project365 Day 139 (Today): Falon w/Josiah. Her crush, and the (dapper) boy who asked her to be his gf.

#Project365 Day 137: So, there was this small fluffy thing outside the back office door one day after work...

#Project365 Day 134: Falon's handmade Mother's Day Card. Complete with images from the Daily Squee desk calendar.

#Project365 Day 133: What a herd of dwarf hamsters looks like. And they all bite.

#Project365 Day 132: What happens when Big Dawg's son goes through my knitting drawer.

#Project365 Day 130 (L Wed): I don't even wear hats. I want this one desperately.

#Project365 Day 129 (Last Tues): Picture day at Softball.

I was all calm. Normal. Nonspaztic, and then my bitch ass goes and checks my e-mail. #thatfuckinghappenedbitches

I don't think I'm going to make this happen.

#Project365 Day 128: Falon and Johnny. #darkshadows

They still make pogo balls?!

The socks make the look, I think.

#Project365 Day 120 (Today!): Falon and I in the newspaper.

#Project365 Day 118 (Fri): My new keyboard is fluffy. Except when I hit the space key, then it gets pointy.

#Project365 Day 117 (Thurs): I totally should've bought these damn chairs. So comfy.

#Project365 Day 116 (Wed): Pizza party pre-softball practice.

#Project365 Day 115 (Tues): Banana wants to see what your flavor is.

#Project365 Day 114 (Mon): Falon and Gabby making...er...victory faces after the game.

#Project365 Day 111 (Sat): Falon enjoying the Molly Ringwalds.