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awww yeaaa

I oh so clever:

oh please don't let it be out of stock...

i love being lazy.

Its like its mocking me… #dumb18yearoldrule

just found out about the Graphing app on the Mac. Only Apple can make math fun.

Playing games on the toilet, the only reason people take forever in the bathroom...

oh physics jokes… they're so… shocking...

source code for right now show's the title for the picture of Steve Jobs, hero.png

So revealed the #SoulPunk Art today, I'm loving it!

This is what happens when my friend opens a door that's stuck...

. interesting tip for Lion; if you have a bookmark in Finder, QuickLook will show you a preview of it


Just when you think they couldn't stop remaking 80's movies...

Linux, now in Cereal Box Mode.


Gotta love my cat...

Yes! Just got the vinyl pack from :)

Awesome bathroom sign.