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Coconut has decided to stand on Joey like he's a bath mat but keeps sliding off. Joey not happy. #CatsOfCastleGaiman

Joey is here. I have achieved MAXIMUM CAT DENSITY. & I cannot move. #CatsOfCastleGaiman

And here's Coconut. #CatsOfCastleGaiman

Sleeping will be easy tonight provided I don't want to move. Here's Princess. #CatsOfCastleGaiman

Joey is in the hallway looking very spooky and making creepy "I see a ghost or a dog" sounds. #CatsOfCastleGaiman

This is Princess helping me brush my teeth. #CatsOfCastleGaiman

This is Joey, purring like a rocket motor. And Coconut in the background wanting to get picked up. #CatsOfCastleGaiman

Bees and giant got along very well. No stings or deaths. #iPhonetography closeup inside the hive.

"This is a hive tool, used for opening bee hives to steal honey." Usually the last tweet before "Aagh! Aagh! The pain!"

Trying to figure out how best to do bee photos with no macro lens. I'm going back for an off camera flash.

Commence w/ the head scratches or discover what I did with princess & Joey. Your choice. #morningCATface #CoconutMafia

Ok. I spoke too soon. I have no freaking idea what's going on now. #CatsOfCastleGaiman

In another inexplicable move, coconut has begun vigorously licking joeys, um, hind end. Joey seems shocked by this.

I am at 66.6% Maximum Cat Density - one more & I won't be able to move.

Joey jumped up here. Coco immediately sat on his head. Shall I continue live-tweeting The Cats of Castle Gaiman?

Coconut is already trying out his #morningCATface look. With lots of purring & carrying on.

This is Princess. I am staying in her room. She may let me have a corner of the bed. Probably not.

Poor gets no pie, but only after making sure that I eat like a king. I should make her pie.

Coconut missed me. Or at least is happy to see me.

Oh, dear me. I'm on a plane to Minneapolis. Who could I be visiting? This could bee exciting, bet your derby on it.