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here's where I am in Wyoming, explore on google earth & tell me what you find!

At the top of cliff in Wyoming with first cellular signal I've seen in hours.

As soon as we drove across the border started singing the Wyoming state song-who knows their state song?

Hey! I got a window seat, but it doesn't recline. At least there will be #iPhonetography!

This is the last thing I'm going to see before I fall asleep. #CatsOfCastleGaiman

Caption Contest, win a print! Things have just taken a decided turn for the weird with the #CatsOfCastleGaiman

I am walking #TheDogsOfCastleGaiman in the rain. Lola is bringing her bone with her. I love this life.

"dude, Coconut keeps sitting on me." #morningCATface (Joey in the very dark morning.) add your own

so do #TheDogsOfCastleGaiman-the #CatsOfCastleGaiman-on the otherhand... (Princess rules this us now...)

Walked the #DogsOfCastleGaiman until
They realized I wasn't leading them to Neil at which point they decided to go home

w/ #911 Calla Doctor & #34 Quich Me Deadly. #derby

#iPhonetography Genetic Defect breaking through the pack.

After party w/ #S10W, Genetic Defect who rolls through the pack like a bowling ball through lawn gnomes.

Fanny Tanner's skating like there's no one else on the track. I sure hope she's on 's team. #derby

Preview from the back of the camera. #RollerDerby #cvrg

#iPhonetography from the suicide seat. It's insane, it's awesome. I suddenly love roller derby.

Relaxing with Joey (best photo so far). Time to take a shower and get ready for roller derby. #CatsOfCastleGaiman

he looks much like Zoey, same personality. Lola found him in the woods.

You mind? Stop trying to wiggle around in my bed. #morningCATface

Made executive decision & sent Coconut packing. Joey proven not to be a magic carpet. Sleep now. #CatsOfCastleGaiman