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Roswell is much too interested in the tree full if birds to care about #morningCATface #SleepingOutside

Dude. I am sticking it to the man at Occupy The Bed. #morningCATface

I photographed invader zim grrl, she photographed me photographed us both #occupywallstreet

I just did a portrait of The Rent is Too Damn High guy at #occupywallstreet

Dalton: "I learned leadership in the USN, it's absent from our government." #OccupyWallSt #portraits

#occupywallstreet portraits. This is steven, he's slept in the park for six days.

#occupywallstreet I am here. Taking portraits. Stop by. I'm on the south side of the park.

Were very popular with kids on the street

Shooting the collection. #iPhonetography

On the set with - this is Ludmila in the pretty iPhone picture.

Think of this as bring pepper sprayed, but with my claw. Now get up. #morningCATface

In case you were wondering, this is what my kit for Sunday looks like. So far.

Dude. Stay in bed. Seriously. You don't want to know what I just did. #morningCATface

Hanging out with shooting photos wondering if i should crash ' rehearsal.....

I just turned on my Mac Plus. It beeped but didn't boot.

Dude! I'm wearing a black turtleneck and blue jeans today. Oh wait I'M WEARING A TUXEDO. Get dressed. #morningCATface

Hey you! Quit flapping around up there! Some of us are trying to sleep! #morningCATface

Actually, Sir Harry has doubled my word count with his butt.

Sir Harry Flashman is making it difficult for me to write my article.

Quick. Someone adopt this cat! He's trying to put a spell on me!