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@StefBurkholder's husband, Bella & Brixton's Daddy | Assoc Pastor @GracePointSA | Absurdist with a surprisingly upbeat misanthropic twist. - @CalebJSaenz |

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When someone walks up to your door and hands you this at's gonna be a good day.

Jr Zookeeper ftw

I just hired a new matron for the Student Center ladies room. Surprise!!

Nice of to send that desperate "We can still make this work" email... #HighSchoolRomance

Walk as Jesus walked...? #imitation

And that, my friends, is how you steer your kids away from Norman.


#IntotheDeep sermon prep at The Foundry. Also, Bruce Bowen just walked by on McCullough.

This pic is straight out of the Sunday sermon - "Seize The Day" (

Love getting every week - like a window into my fantasy life where I have smart friends. #boomroasted

Alaskan suffering from heat stroke while waiting for . The music is HOT, yo...

Hey - this remind you to do anything?

CHRISTIANS: We have officially run out of ideas. Also, stop doing things like this... #smh

Dinner date with my #2...

Well of course there was gnarly traffic in Everybody Hurts. I-10 was only designed for two lanes!! #REM #78201

Coolest bible inscription ever. #Fail2Forget, indeed.