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I take photos of people, places and things. Apparently, I'm a noun photographer.... Published in USA Today, GQ, Marie Claire, & Men's Health

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I just passed this amazing place... I'm pretty sure they have the same selection.

Did a little house-hunting this morning on James Island and ended up in the middle of the stadium at The Citadel.

Another beautiful morning in Charleston. This mornings view was just a bit more "my taste".

impossible not to think about you today. Hope you're well... Tell I-quit-twitter-Ben that I said, hey!

Albino alligator. AL-BI-NO alligator. Solid White. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself.

Standing here planning tomorrow's shoot and kinda wishing this is where the shoot was gonna be. Love this view!

Great day at Sullivan's Island. Managed to save a thousand and forty bucks by only going in the water west of the rocks.

Amazing prime rib in South Carolina. Will someone please pay me to travel and taste test prime rib!?

Ah yes. Savannah's fine art.

Wait. Am I the only one that spies Beavis & Butthead?

If anybody’s in Savannah today, I’m the dork on the big blue tour trolley with his camera hanging out...

A little UN-fine dining in the marsh of the Georgia coast.
The shack's motto: Where the elite eat in bare feet.

I've seen 's face six times already today. I must be in Savannah.

The smoke in North Florida is now unbearable. People are wearing the Michael Jackson-esque masks to the pool. We're out.

why are Boys to Men arguing over who's taller? Can't they just look at an album cover?

D jeremycowart last week... BOOM

not sure?! but it tastes like this :)
and looks like this...

this guy wants your number.. Said you used to be friends. Should I give it to him?

So glad you approve Tiff.
RT . Surf Lessons.

So glad you approve Tiff.
RT . Surf Lessons.

So glad you approve Tiff.
RT . Surf Lessons.