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Comedian, Actor, Filmmaker, Improvisation-er, All-Around Dude.

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Ladies and gents, Nic Cage autographed guitar, nestled in between NSYNC and Mark Anthony. #Memphis

Pau Gasol autographed guitar at a blues bar. #Memphis #Lakers cc

Best minor league game ever. Cubs win. #Memphis #Redbirds

is in line for a baseball throw game. He's a bit older than the other participants. #Memphis


Man is red's official title is "Duck Master," and he walks ducks to an elevator twice a day. Everyday. For his career. #Memphis

I'm standing in a hotel waiting to watch some ducks walk around and I lost all of my friends. #Memphis

Carroll!!! Cc:

Rendezvous BBQ in #Memphis. is excited. Ribs ribs ribs.

#Memphis #Redbirds minor league stadium. We just kinda walked in, then onto the field. cc:

If your spelling it wrong...

Birthday Ernie's breakfast with Trevor, and .

you're friends are in Illinois.

This just came on radio. Dance party in the jeep. #summercamp

No, thank you BXRq

Ladies and gents, on the set of #bloodties with himself.

Shooting a feature for Stephens Film Institute. My character gets to smoke and wear leather. Win.

I'm rich! Who want a Steg? $2,000!

Bought this at a garage sale. Seeing how rich I should be with their 2008 estimates.

I'm at my graduation from college! Gimme a shoutout!

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